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    Aher Wants State Civil Aparatus Giving Global Equivalent of Public Services


    BANDUNG-Corps of Indonesian Civil Servants 45th Anniversary West Java Province Level, was held at the Gasibu Field Bandung, Tuesday (11/29/2016).

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said Corps of Indonesian Civil Servants Anniversary is expected to be a moment for the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) to increase totality in providing public services. Aher wanted that State Civil Apparatus gave global equivalent of public services.

    "Corps of Indonesian Civil Servants forward should be the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) that is more professional, reliable and could serve the public with fast, easy, accurate, accountable, that's what we want. Because of course the public service should be equivalent to a global public service, "said Governor Ahmad Heryawan.

    Moreover, in terms of morality, the Governor also encourages State Civil Apparatus to work transparently and "on track" without deviation.

    "If Singapore can be as good as it was then we should be equivalent to Singapore, should be equivalent to overseas, so, it's a public service that we wanted, it is really transparent, there is no extortion, there is no corruption, all people are served well, "he added.

    According to him, there are two things to be done in improving the professionalism of the State Civil Apparatus, namely the State Civil Apparatus capacity development through training in the field that State Civil Apparatus are in it, and with good moral motivation.

    "Two things we do, the first is continuously to improve professionalism through training, through an update in terms of public services. Second is morality has to be good which will encourage them to serve the public honestly, "said Aher.

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