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    Indonesia Has Strong Capital to Resolve Rohingya Conflict


    BANDUNG-Chairman of the Parliament of the PKS faction Jazuli Juwaini in release received by jabarprov.go.id, Monday (28/11) revealed Indonesia had strong capital to play an international role in pushing the resolution and termination (suspension) of violence against Rohingyas slaughter in northern state of Raknine Myanmar.

    The strong capital is that Indonesia has deep concern and apprehension movement over the humanitarian values and human rights(HAM) universally, as stated in the constitution preamble mandate, namely Implement World Order based Lasting Peace in order to liberate the world's population from the occupation and oppression.

    "With these capital, Indonesia could play a strong role in encouraging the resolution and termination of violence against the Rohingya in Myanmar either through bilateral channels, the ASEAN regional, and multilateral, " he said.

    Therefore, the government is represented by the Indonesia Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Ministry) is expected to catch people's concerns and follow up with active humanitarian diplomacy and solutions.

    "The media coverage that preach violence and torture against Rohingya ethnic that has become viral on social media and raises concerns even the movement of awareness among the people of Indonesia. Government in this thing, The Foreign Ministry should be alert to respond with active and solution-based humanitarian diplomacy, "he said.

    Jazuli added that Indonesian people can be an example (role model) to coexist with minorities. Because, people of Indonesia peacefully respect and appreciate values of diversity. No people had been persecuted in Indonesia because of the confidence and their status as minority.

    "Indonesia can be a model for the world, particularly Myanmar, how to build a harmonious relationship between the majority population and the minority, " said representatives of the people since 2004.

    Therefore, Jazuli urges anyone who violates the law, from any group, must be prosecuted and brought to justice. "And this, the law of justice, became legal awareness and demands of Indonesia society, "said Jazuli end to his statement. (NR)

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