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    Angklung, Art Preservation, Culture & Environment


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Still in a series of events to celebrate six years of Angklung designated as World Cultural Heritage or Intangible Cultural Objects Heritage of Humanity by Unesco, November 16, 2010, Saung Angklung Udjo (SAU) held "Angklung Pride 6". Housed in the bamboo garden or Kebon Awi Udjo located in Cijaringao, Cimenyan village, Bandung regency, Sunday (27/11), the event was festive and awe-inspiring audiences.
    Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar did not want to miss this opportunity. He comes with a mission of love for the environment, as a form of nature conservation. To that end, the Vice Governor who is often called Demiz gives his great appreciation of the efforts of environmental conservation at the same time art and culture of West Java that has been done by the SAU, namely Angklung.
    Standing on an area of four hectares, Kebon Awi Udjo is granary of bamboo plants for SAU Community that can still produce typical musical instruments of Pasundan land. According to Demiz, bamboo plants can provide another benefits in the region.
    "Let us cultivate bamboo in this area, because it can provide other functions. Ie for conservation, not to landslides, but also can be water catchment area, "said Demiz in his speech at the Angklung Pride 6 summit.
    Demiz continues, these benefits could continue through economic community empowerment. Through the bamboo plant, the public can participate in Angklung processing and production, as well as various other handicrafts that uses bamboo as basic materials.
    "It's a concrete example of how people with government, academics, and community building nature in a harmony. Together with Angklung, angklung can not be played alone, played together, diverse tone. We played together so it creates rhythms which is very harmony that we can enjoy as a beauty, "said Demiz.
    Angklung Pride 6 takes place from 16 to 27 November 2016. Coinciding with the age of 50 years, SAU has a responsibility to contribute the future of the nation. In cooperation with various parties, including West Java Provincial Government, Saung Angklung Udjo initiates to participate and establish the identity of the younger generation through the greatness of philosophy and local wisdom contained in art and culture, especially Angklung. Angklung Pride 6 is a momentum for Saung Angklung Udjo to step in realizing that responsibility.
    Leaders of Saung Angklung Udjo, Taufik Hidayat Udjo said, since the beginning of SAU establishment has high ideals to become conservers in the field of arts and culture, as well as the environment.
    "Through Angklung Pride 6, we wanted to re-strengthen the contribution in responding to the issues in today's society through the great values of philosophy and Angklung local wisdom. We seek to do the preservation of culture art and the environment around us with the hope to give benefit people and the future of the nation, "Taufik said in his press release.

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