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    West Java International Airport (BIJB) is Completed End of Year 2017 with Optimism


    BANDUNG-existence of new infrastructure in West Java, namely West Java International Airport (BIJB) that has long awaited its presence, after a review was made some time ago, it is optimistic completed in late 2017.

    It thus disclosed by Member of Commission III West Java Parliament, Gina Fadlia Swara, In a statement to reporters on Sunday (27/11).

    Gina, further explained the results of the working visit some time ago, some things are scheduled for completion at the end of 2017, ie construction of the land side, at least with the completion of these facilities can be used for the arrival of passengers from among the congregation Omra.

    The process of making other facilities, was also observed in the process of workmanship that is the access road to West Java International Airport.

    "To complete the construction of these facilities, the workmanship process is implemented in a marathon, with this process is certainly optimistic end of the year 2017 can be completed "he said.

    With the completion of these facilities, said Gina airport activity will begin to feel and give benefit to the community and local government, especially to boost economic development and helped create a source of revenue for the government. (NR)

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