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    Deddy Mizwar: Change Our Employment Paradigm!


    BANDUNG-Islamic Union or Regional Chairman Persis (PW) of West Java and Islamic Unity Wife (Persistri) Regional Chairman Persis (PW) of West Java held Regional Council (Muswil) VI at Grand Pasundan, Peta Street Bandung, Sunday (27/11). Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar present to open deliberations which was attended by thousands of participants.
    On this occasion, Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar stressed as Islamic organizations, Persis need to encourage people to change perspective or mindset to various areas of life, such as education, health, environment, and other areas of life.
    One of the Vice Governor stressed, namely Persis is asked to participate in creating an entrepreneurship society or create jobs rather than looking for employment. Currently, Indonesia has a number of labor force which is very high, then it must be balanced with an open wide employment.
    "That is why West Java opens up opportunities for young entrepreneurs, especially new entrepreneurs that in the five years to 2018 are expected to have 100 thousand new entrepreneurs. We held a training for new entrepreneurs, including open access to finance for capital. Let's change our paradigm, our mindset! "Said Vice Governor in Regional Council in front of thousands of participants.
    "So when the labor force is so high, then I guess Persis should change the paradigm of how to get a job, becomes how to create jobs, "he said.
    Vice Governor explained in an era of global competition today demand superior quality human resources. As the level of competition in Southeast Asia or Asean Economic Community (AEC). Therefore, improving the quality of human resources is necessary through joint efforts in improving the living standards of health and community education.
    Tit for tat, Chairman of West Java Regional Chairman Persis jihad period 2012 - 2016, Syamsul Falah also expressed his commitment to support development program initiated by the Government of West Java Province. One of it is now being initiated by Persis is collecting Persis entrepreneurs who was to participate in developing the economy of the people.
    "West Java Regional Chairman Persis is ready to work together to build a West Java with various components of the nation, community leaders, political figures, so that West Java reachs the advanced life and become the most advanced provinces in Indonesia, "Syamsul said in his speech.
    Cooperation and support are embodied in a program of propaganda. Syamsul said Persis will begin to develop a program of propaganda through propaganda material in the form of an insight into the environment, the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), and Islam. While in the field of education, Persis will be guided on the development of education that teaches about the behavior or nation character that is based on akhlakul karimah character (both nature and praiseworthy) for the realization of human resources that have individual and social piety.
    "We are ready to become the frontline to exterminate flow that would be damaging the disintegration of the nation, so that people panicked and confused, " Syamsul added.
    Persis Regional Council VI and West Java Islamic Unity Wife were attended by 161 participants and observers to Persis, as well as 141 participants and observers to Persistri. While the opening ceremony was attended by 1,000 people, which included representatives from Persis Branch Leader in Bandung Raya and Regional Leadership (PD) of Islamic Unity Wife of West Java.
    There are three main agenda in this Persis Regional Council, the evaluation report and West Java Persis accountability jihad period 2012 - 2016, devised a jihad plan West Java Persis Regional Chairman jihad period 2016 - 2020, and choose the Chairman of Islamic Unity of West Java region of 2016 - 2020. In addition, through this regional council is expected to lead new ideas and new smart, for the sake of development in preaching the Quran Sunnah in West Java.

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