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    Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) Holds Election


    BANDUNG-the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) of West Java hold internal elections for seaching the potential Bandung cadre leaders in the future. Election held on Sunday (27/11), simultaneously across the whole City / Regency in West Java to choose governor candidate. Especially Bandung, the election also conducted to solicit candidate for mayor of Bandung.

    As It is known, the term of Mayor and Vice Mayor of Bandung will be ended in 2018. Therefore DPD PKS Bandung City assess the importantance to hear the aspirations of cadre under whoever will be elected as future leaders in Bandung.

    Head of winning elections and elections (BP3) DPD PKS Bandung City, Iwan Hermawan, SE.Ak stated that OKS is already getting used to democratic step to attract prospective leaders of the region.

    "PKS has been getting used to determine the pace of democratic leadership. Each cadres involved in the selection of candidates for mayor through  internal election. The expectations of this election is to get an overview and the figure that is expected to be a leader in Bandung "he said.

    Some names which were nominated as candidate leader among others, Arfiana Rafnialdi, Asep Saefulloh Danu, Haru Suandharu, Ledia Hanifa Amaliah, Oded M. Danial, Tate Qomaruddin, Tedy Rusmawan, Teddy Setiadi and Yudi Cahyadi.

    "It hopes that can be produced Candidate Mayor that meet the expectations of people in Bandung "said Iwan who represent the opinion of PKS cadres in Bandung. (Even)

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