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    Three Airports In West Java Will Be Assisted by Central Government


    BANDUNG-Based on the information that is set aside by Minister of Transportation RI, three airports in West Java will be assisted by the Central Government. The grant, will start to launch in 2017, said the Governor of West Java, H. Ahmad Heryawan, In a statement to reporters at the Gedung Sate, Saturday (26/11).

    Governor, further explained, as for the airport to be assisted construction by the Central Government respectively Nusawiru airport in Pangandaran, Citarate airport in Sukabumi and Pameungpek airport in Garut regency.

    The assistance that is given to Nusawiru airport is the addition of runway currently existing conditions of 1400 meters. With the assistance of the Central Government, run way will increase to 2,200 meters.

    Extra assistance to run way conditions in the Nusawiru airport is very potential because the land acquisition has been completed and it is equipped with certification.

    Meanwhile, the assistance of Citarate airport, Sukabumi regency for early stage there will be land acquisition in advance. With the presence of the following airports assistance that is given in line with the development of the Central Government tourism development, because the airport location is adjacent to the regional Ujunggenteng tourism.

    Next, to the airports located in Pameungpeuk Garut regency, the airport is owned by LAPAN. The assistance is given to extent runway, aircraft types ATR minimal can landed.

    Governor, in the latter part of his explanation said that assistance from the Central Government to fund facilities and infrastructures at the three airports in West Java, in addition to give impetus to the development of tourism, also encourage the development in the fisheries and marine sector. (NR)

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