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    Puppet Show the Celebration of Successful PON and Peparnas


    BANDUNG REGENCY- The Success of PON and Peparnas implementation in West Java where West Java came out as the overall winner or the most winning medals was becoming pride for the people of West Java.

    For this reason, West Java KONI held Puppet Shows for the public, Saturday (26/11) located in Gedung Sabilulungan Soreang Bandung regency. Present at the event of puppet show, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, West Java Chairman of the KONI, West Bandung Regent Dadang Naser, Head of TVRI Station Bandung, West Java Regional Organization representative and thousands of people in Soreang.

    Governor Ahmad Heryawan in his brief remarks expressed gratitude to the community for its participation in succesing PON and Peparnas implementation so West Java came out as the overall winner.

    He added, that the PON and Peparnas implementation have been appraised by the other provinces that "this is the most glittering PON / Peparnas.

    In addition, according Aher, that based on the assessment of Bank Indonesia, the PON / Peparnas implementation has been an increase in the economy of economic actors of society (SMEs). "Improvement of the economy to be one the "Four Success" PON / Peparnas ", said Aher.

    On these successes and as gratitude to Allah SWT, then on this night held the puppet show, said Aher.

    Puppeteer who performed on that occasion, namely, Dadan Sunandar Sunarya, son of the famous puppeteer Asep Sunandar Sunarya.

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