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    PT DI Ferry Flight 1 aircraft to Thailand


    BANDUNG-PT DI has conducted activity of ferry flight one (1) unit aircraft fly CN235-220M Multi Purpose Aircraft Royal Thai Police (RTP) from PTDI to Thailand, Friday (25/11) in the Final Assy Fixed Wing PTDI hangar, Pajajaran Street No. 154 Bandung.

    Executive Assistant Managing Director Thai Aviation Industry Co. Ltd. (TAI), Group Captain Manoon Nangern come accompanied by Director of PT DI, Budi Santoso reviewing ferry flight preparations aircraft order that will be used by the Royal Thai Police.

    Aircraft CN235-220M RTP Multi Purpose Aircraft is flown from Husein Sastranegara Airport Bandung to Hat Yai International Airport, Southern Thailand near the Malaysian border. Thereafter, on 26 November 2016 ferry flight will proceed to the international airport Don Muang, Bangkok, Thailand. Furthermore, the aircraft will make a Final Acceptance by Royal Thai Police as the end user.

    The signing of procurement contracts 1 (one) unit of aircraft CN235-220M Multi Purpose Aircraft was held on 19 September 2014 between PTDI with Thai Aviation Industries Co., Ltd. (TAI). Contract procurement 1 unit CN235-220M Multi Purpose Aircraft is an implementation of the Industrial Collaboration Agreement between PT DI and TAI signed on September 17, 2013 in Bandung.

    TAI is a partner of PT DI to dominate the market of small and medium plane in Thailand. TAI can sell, modify, customize and maintenance of various aircraft including CN235, NC212 and N219 made by PTDI.

    Aircraft CN235-220M Multi Purpose Aircraft can be used as VIP, troop transport, medical evacuation, transport passanger and cargo can be mounted alternately in accordance with the operational needs of the Royal Thai Police. Aircraft CN235-220M Multi Purpose Aircraft equipped with front door that can be used as an entrance / exit to the VIP / VVIP, and the special back door that opened toward the inside and big enough to operate during skydiving operations.

    While the ramp door remains for entrance or exit of the goods, the size is quite large or small vehicles can be entered. Based on the evaluation of TAI, one aircraft with the ability for various missions are considered more benefit from the purchase of some aircraft respectively with only one or two missions.

    "The purchase of this CN235-220M is to increase the number of aircraft that fly in Thai air because the previous two (2) units CN235-220 been used by Moac Thailand ", said PTDI president director Budi Santoso.

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