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    Protest Action on 2nd December Beware of Provocateurs


    BANDUNG-PKS faction chairman of Parliament Jazuli Juwaini, in a release received jabarrprov.go.id, Friday (25/11) revealed demonstration plan by some people on December 2, 2016, suggested that all parties keep the situation remains conducive in particular ahead of the action of rally which will take them.

    To the participants of rallies reminded to be aware of the provocateurs which can disturb the atmosphere. It is a form of belief to the public that the action is part of the rally and not effort of treason.
    "We are all concerned to maintain a safe and conducive situation therefore should not be efforts to provoke and disturb the atmosphere. Homeland must we keep it safe, ".

    To that end, the parties that are planning to take action and demonstrations,
    are also expected to instruct focus on aspiration, and do by means of orderly and peaceful manner, and be wary of parties that deflect the other goals even treason.
    "The demonstration in a democracy country are legitimate and constitutionally protected. Only it should not be an anarchist. Maintain public order, peace and comfort and above all keep the Homeland because Indonesia is ours. "

    Participants are advised to be careful against intruders who has an agenda to screw action goals and disturb the atmosphere. Demonstration is not intended for treason at all, the impeachment of the president, and not to create a riot.
    Demonstration "remain focused on expressing opinion to the public in peace, in accordance to their original purpose that is the enforcement of law against the suspect of religion defamation. Do not be saddled with the interests of any party, ".

    Jazuli in his statement also hopes that anyone who participated in the strike shall maintain security and order and also environmental hygiene. "I think if it's done nothing to worry about from the demonstration action. There should be no excessive suspicion against the action plan that if we are all responsible for the integrity, security and the convenience of our beloved country, "(NR)

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