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    West Java MSMEC Department Studies to Japan Cooperative


    TOKYO-Office of Micro Small Medium Enterprises Cooperative (MSMEC) of West Java Province conduct a comparative study into Japanese Consumer Cooperation Union (JCCU), a cooperative with revenue Rp270 trillion with 28 million members.

    West Java Head of MSMEC Dudi Sudradjat Abdurachim said the purpose of his visit in addition to the study, is also exploring the possibility of cooperation in the future with the largest cooperative in the country of Sakura.

    "We expect the future of cooperatives in West Java can cooperation with JCCU, especially on business development and cooperative management systems that has been so advanced and welfare impact its members, "he said by Head of Public Relations of the provincial government Aziz Zulficar from Shibuya, Tokyo, on Thursday (11/24/2016).

    According to Dudi, the population of West Java that are 46 million or 20% of the Indonesia population is a huge asset compared to JCCU members. It is just required optimization and sustainable development so West Java KUKM can give great an impact as JCCU.

    "West Java already has KPSBU (Dairy Farmers' North Bandung Cooperative, red) that have been advanced and has 5000 members. This comparative study provides new insight in order to better development futher, "said Dudi.

    West Java province also recorded the history of the first cooperatives established in Tasikmalaya Indonesia, namely in 1947, so it is proper to make cooperatives as a base economy.

    Briefly, said Dudi, the key success of JCCU that should be adopted by his side is the optimization of services to members. Communication and business relations with members become focus of all the services that are performed.

    "By leveraging delivery order service system information technology to members' homes is becoming priority. Openness of information about the product both in terms of availability and quality make tens of millions of consumer cooperatives members in Japan to be very loyal and does not move another private store, "he continued.

    Haruyoshi Amana, Manager of Public Relations JCCU said the cooperation is very possible since the beginning of the cooperative also stems from spirit of togetherness.

    "JCCU formed as a place alongside the development of cooperatives in Japan particularly in marketing of agricultural farmers products. Now, we've cooperates with UNICEF in relating with children education in Mozambiek and other countries in Africa, making it possible cooperation with the Provincial Government of West Java, "he said.

    According to him, after pioneered Co-Op Kobe (first consumer cooperative) years

    1879, co-operatives in Japan develops mainly in pockets of industry

    such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukushima and Kansai.

    The dark history of the world war then shook cooperatives in developed countries. Therefore, before finally the majority of cooperative pioneer unite in container of JCCU on 1951.

    Currently, continued Haruyoshi, JCCU has 586 consumer cooperatives as members with 28 million more of Japanese became a member of the consumer cooperative movement.

    Today, they have 967 stores spread across the country, the total of consumer cooperatives revenue under this JCCU reach 2.7 trillion yen is equivalent with 270 trillion rupiah. A stunning figure for size of cooperatives in Indonesia.

    "JCCU has been transformed into a giant company. Nearly a thousand cooperatives in Japan is also supported by representatives of companies in other countries. our office abroad with the label CO-OP TRADE operates in Washington-USA, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Ho Chin Min, Bangkok and Singapore, "he said.

    This representative office has functions to trade and supply products of consumer cooperatives needs of Japanese citizens overseas, and developing to other fields of service.

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