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    Zakat Potential is Amounting Rp 1 Trillion / Year


    BANDUNG-Zakat Regional Regulation Application (Perda) in West Java continues discourse as a movement that West Java Province obey zakat.

    Moreover, as the province with the largest Muslim population in Indonesia, charity potential during this time is considered to more than 1 trillion / year.

    Unfortunately, as said West Java MUI Chairman Rachmat Syafei, today the awareness of paying zakat is still low. Data owned by MUI, Zakat awareness in West Java only about 10 percent, is still very low for the biggest province in the country.

    "To increase public awareness to pay zakat, it is need regulations that required to tithe rules regarding special institution to handle zakat, to a matter of distribution, "he said while attending a seminar Urgency Zakat Regulation to make West Java as Provincial Zakat Obey, at Gedung Sate Wednesday (11/23/2016).

    This charity regulation was considered urgent to strengthen the presence of the Zakat Law, so that later the zakat clerk under Badan Amil Zakat Nasional (Baznas) will more powerful and easier to develop.

    So, he said, this regulation will set at the same time provide comfort for muzakki, which once protected by the Act of the central government, as well by provincial regulation.

    West Java Baznas chairman, Arif Ramdani said that zakat is an important instrument to diminish the social inequality. According to him, the gap should be controlled so as not too extreme and cause social excesses.

    Thus, the magnitude of the potential zakat in West Java, Arif assess need for more comprehensive rules in order to optimize the collection of zakat and its management.

    "So, this seminar is not an obligation of Baznas to create zakat regulation in West Java. But this forum explores provincial steps in making regulation, if it need to be followed up academically what needs to be regulated, then that it is not conflict with other rules, "he said.

    According to him, the Zakat law draft needs to be reviewed so that it is not contradictory with the existing rules on it. He also agreed with the other panelists exposure at the event, namely the University of Padjadjaran constitutional law expert, Ina Zunaena that says if the rules can be shaped Governor Regulation or city / regency regulation.

    "There is an alternative that does not exist, then the laws can be made in the form of governor regulation or regent regulation or mayor regulation if in cities and regencies. It makes our Zakat manager must master the existing laws and regulations of the charity, as obligatory zakat community sosialization foundation, "he said.

    Ina explained, if the rules of zakat, source of authority is in the central government is absolute. Therefore, when the central government divides this affair with the area, there should be clear rules and noted in clear rules anyway.

    "If you want to share duties, must be inaugurated and noted. Where central authority to the regions. Is the authority to the regions in intact in government elements or just to the head area alone, "he said.

    According to him, the authority is still to head area and it is limited. Namely supervisory guidance only.

    "My advice to the urgency of this charity regulation is mapped for what needs, choice as to what their legal form, to answer the needs, and studies of Baznas and government from which side, "he concluded.

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