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    Some Programs In Year 2017 Will Be Recommend to Increase in Budget


    BANDUNG-Discussion of Budget Plan Year 2017 has yet final, but for some programs in 2017 are recommended to increase in budget, said Chairman of West Java Parliament, Ine Purwadewi Sundari in her statement told reporters on Thursday (24/11).

    According to Ine, some programs are recommended in order to increase in budget for disaster relief. The things that reason, increase the budget for disaster relief, in addition to anticipate disasters in coming years, as well as to handle after disasters in 2016 were allocated in year 2017.

    The education budget also in 2017 is recommended increased. This recommendation is in response of West Java Parliament on over governance the High / Vocational School. This over governance requires substantial funds.

    As an illustration, for a budget allocation of ASN teachers amounting 28,000 people are needed funds not less than Rp.1,3 trillion.

    Along with increasingly high budgets in 2017, said Ine hopes the budget from central government delayed in 2016, in 2017 can be realized. (NR)

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