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    Keep HR Quality Through High-Quality Food Options


    Bandung (23/11) - Members of the House of Representatives Commission IX, Adang Sudrajat is grateful for the high interest of the Indonesian people to consume foods Halal labeled .

    Nonetheless, Adang assess eating Halal food is not enough without the knowledge to choose foods that are high quality (thoyyib) in order to maintain the quality of Human Resources (HR) in the long term.

    "We'll get a generation that is not productive because illness prone on productive age when the quality of food that is low to consume, "said Adang in jabarprov.go.id release received on Wednesday afternoon (23/11)

    Adang further explained when people are in illness conditions on productive age, then the country burden will be even greater. This is because the cost of degenerative diseases treatment will increase, while the age of productive HR prone to illness. Therefore, dissemination to the public of the food quality is no less important to the socialization of halal food. because Indonesia HR is determined by what he had eaten during this time.

    "I suggest, the government's control over the food supply as well as public awareness on food quality need to improve. Government to Food and Medicine Agency should be strengthened by authorities monitoring range with its own laws, ".

    Adang in another part of the explanation invites related parties (stake holders) that are associated with health problems, in order to continue education process and socialization to the society intensively to appear self-reliance in selecting quality and safe food for health.

    "I would encourage Parliament to take initiative to strengthen the Food and Medicine Agency in order to reach its authority and power increases. This needs to be done in order to be able to guarantee its supply of Halal, quality and safe food in society. So. we will witness the quality Indonesian human in the future, "(NR)

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