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    The Rise of Robber in Bandung, Aher Asks Parents to Increase Vigilant


    BANDUNG-Responding to increase crime robber in Bandung, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) asks parents also increased vigilance to children.

    Parents should continue to remind alertness in children, do not be indifferent on children association.
    "Parents should continue to raise awareness on children with continue to remind and monitor their children socially "said Aher, in Bandung, Thursday (24/11).

    In addition Aher also advised the students to increase their vigilance in street. "If going to and from school should be in unison, do not walk individually. Especially if you play, for example, do not be alone for avoiding evil robber "pleaded Aher.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan also appreciate to the Polrestabes Bandung which could quickly catch some robber in Bandung.

    "I appreciate the quick motion of Polrestabes who quickly able to arrest robber who injure ITB students some time ago yes, but I also ask that the community also increases vigilance "he hoped. (Even)

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