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    Indonesia is Rich, So Many Challenges to Face


    BANDUNG-Indonesia is a rich country, so it has always been the target by other countries. It made political and economic conditions are always turbulent.

    TNI chief Gen. Gatot Nurmantyo said that conditions make Indonesia has challenges and threats today. Among them are the threat of terrorism, drug threat, economic competition, and demographic bonus challenges.

    Gatot said the potentials and natural resources owned by Indonesia can make other countries jealous and wanted to master it. Currently, there are external threats to divide the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. For that we need efforts from community to jointly maintain it.

    Fighting spirit and mutual cooperation is considered to be the hallmark of the nation since the fight for independence and need to be maintained.

    He also reminded that unity in diversity is an integral tool of Indonesia's strength. This is what is being broken down by outsiders, including by pitting people of Indonesia through misleading opinion formation.

    According to Gatot, Indonesia has many potential, strength, and excellence outstanding. The downside is that many people who have the high ego more concerned with personal or group interests. The weakness is easier for outsiders to divide the nation.

    He also quoted the first President of Indonesia Soekarno who declared that the struggle will be more difficult if against his own nation. "And us now experiencing it. Then prevent incitement, prevent provocations, prevent bring to conflict, "said Gatot. jo

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