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    Bandung Regency is Attempting to Reduce Unemployment


    BANDUNG REGENCY-A total of 7000 vacancy formation is opened by 57 big companies in Bandung regency. Over time, the number of residents in Bandung Regency have increased from 3,470,393 people in 2014 be 3,534,111 inhabitants by the end of 2015.
    Bandung Regent H. Dadang M Naser said, Bandung regency will continue to reduce the number of unemployed. It was said at the opening of Job Fair at in Dome Balerame Soreang, Wednesday (23/11).
    Dadang said the government will continue to reduce unemployment in Bandung regency. Because gradually employment in a number of projects in the country and abroad continue to roll. So do not be surprised if the unemployment rate has decreased.

    "Carrying the unemployment rate in 2012 amounted to 11.61% down to 10.12% in 2013. The decline took place again in 2014 amounted to 8.48% and last year, 2015 to 4.03%, "said Dadang Naser.

    Likewise with the total labor force continues to grow every year up to 1,782,302 people. From the available data the unemployment rate working period ranges in 2012 by 65.92% , declined in 2013 be 65.13%. In 2014 rose to 66.16%.
    The addition of these figures, said Dadang certainly be a chore for Bandung regency. Which is known as the local industry and agriculture.
    To unravel these issues, Bandung Regent Mochamad H. Dadang Naser, SH, S.Ip., M.Ip immediately take strategic policy in the field of employment. With one hopes, their the labor force absorption while reducing the unemployment rate.

    Noted there are several policies in the field of employment into arable area, he said, including the implementation of Job Fair, Training Center Development, Education and Training skills for job seekers to 3,120 people, with cooperation training method 3 in 1, namely training, internships, placements for 1,900 people, training based on entrepreneurship through technical guidance on appropriate technology in order for 1,125 people in addition to the activities start and improve your business event for 600 people.

    To implement the program, Bandung regency is not doubt to spend Rp. 11.3 billion obtained from the budget Years 2012-2013-2014-2015.

    "We deliberately equip them with skills training so they can compete in the market of job, because without the skills it is difficult to get a job, "said Dadang Naser M.

    "In 2015 the number of labor force is 1,782,302 people, while the number of people that is not working in our records as many as 123 783 people, " said the Head of Manpower (Department of Manpower and Transmigration) Bandung Regency Drs. Rukmana.

    The decrease in the unemployment rate, driven also by the increasingly widespread various domestic and foreign projects to the Bandung regency which are capable to absorb thousands labor. In 2015 the amount of investments reached 9.4 trillion that absorb workforce of 66 869 people. Most employment occurred on large-scale projects as many as 55 005 people, around 5,081 people in mid-scale and small-scale 5,783 people.

    Some observers predict employment, the amount of investment will continue to flow to the Bandung Regency along with the entry of access toll road Soroja in addition to the more conducive political and social life of ease in the field of investation. This phenomenon certainly needs to be addressed carefully by the candidate of labor.

    The job fair will be held for 3 days, ie from 23 to 25 November 2016. The participant stands of the job fair will be open 08.00 WIB until 16.00 WIB

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