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    Aher Desribes "Water Value Chain" Management


    BANDUNG-Acting as a keynote speaker or the keynote speaker at the 1st International Conference on Interdisciplinary Academic Research and Innovation or IARI 2016, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) presented about the importance of maintaining water quality or water value based on approach Water Value Chain from upstream to downstream or Water Value Chain in the presence of academics from 11 countries.

    The seminar was held by the Indonesia Computer University (UNIKOM) in collaboration with Global Illuminators (GI) in the auditorium of Indonesia Computer University campus, Dipatiukur Street No. 112-116, Bandung, on Wednesday (11.23.16). GI is a network which facilitates the development of international research and innovation development through academic research approach.

    According to Aher, maintenance of water quality should be done from the source (Upstream) - middle - up to downstream. To that end, the management of water quality is not just do what applied today, namely maintenance management is only performed in a water management.

    "Water is ultraessential, the most valuable thing. Life's empty, will be broken without water. Therefore water value chain must be maintained and we must commit about it. Do not let a lot of water but the value of water broken, consequently we can not use water with a lot, "said Aher after he became speaker.

    "Therefore, it is no longer water management approach. Such as, water is processed or cleaned, but we need more than that. so the approach is using its water value chain must start from the upper - middle - downstream need to be well taken care of, so that the water from the upstream to the downstream good as well, the same value, the same net, and the same quality, "he continued.

    Furthermore, Aher explained through this approach will have an impact on cheapness of water for public consumption and industry. Because according to him, maintenance has been done naturally. It became an effort of West Java Provincial Government through socialization to the community and industry in Citarum River bank through the movement of five (5) No, that is: Do not cut down trees, do not dispose of animal waste, do not household waste, Do not throw trash, and do not dispose of industrial waste.

    "Water will overflow if maintained since from upstream to downstream. When the water is maintained not be very expensive, the cost of maintenance, processing would be very expensive, "said Aher.

    "We have started doing this approach through Citarum Bestari (Clean, Healthy, Beautiful, and Everlasting). Namely campaigning to the public to do not throw anything into the river. Not household waste, livestock, industry, or any garbage into the river. If we do that the water will remain clean, "he said.

    Through this international seminar, Aher also hopes there are contributions from the scientists how the management of water value chain may be adopted by community. For that, it needs to be education and socialization given by cientists to the public.

    "Scientists should serve to educate the public through dissemination to the public about the importance of water. The water is ultraessential goods, not just essential. But very very very very important. Life does not exist in the absence of water, now many diseases because of the water right, " Aher added.

    While the International Conference on Interdisciplinary Academic Research and Innovation or IARI is held as a learning process for academics or lecturers, in order to research that has been done not only as the report, but can be read by others in international scale.

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