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    End of Year Jokowi-JK Note


    BANDUNG-member of Commission XI of the House of Representatives from PKS, Refrizal notes the end of 2016 on the Indonesian Economy. In the assessment of Refrizal, one of the Jokowi government's weakness is the matter of inability to change the structure of GDP Indonesia which is still dominated by the role of the consumer sector.

    "The structure of Indonesia's GDP in the second year of Jokowi-JK administration was still not changed. The role of household spending is still very dominant. even exports and imports sector are expected to grow well appears to be lower than the previous quarter, "said Refrizal in Jakarta, Monday (21/11) as a release received by the editorial of jabarprov.go.id, Tuesday (22/11) afternoon.

    On the other hand, the role of direct investments in the third quarter of 2016 are likely slowed, only 31.98 percent while in the second quarter of 2016 reached 32.47 percent and in the third quarter-2015 reached 32.36 percent.

    "The data confirms that there are still many problems of investment in Indonesia. Although the government has issued a policy package but address the fundamental problems have not been resolved. Some of them are licensing issues in the area and the availability of infrastructure, "said the representative of the Electoral District of West Sumatra II.

    Indonesia cost doing business rank, said Refrizal, slightly improved be a sequence to 91 from 106 countries. Just only a various indicators still far below the average of countries in Asia Pacific, such as starting a business. Unfortunately various data used in the cost doing business only represented by Jakarta and Surabaya, so it does not reflect the condition of Indonesia completely.

    "One thing that is crucial to the 30 September 2016, state revenues only reached Rp 1081.9 trillion, or 60.6% of the tax revenue target determined in accordance The budget 2016 amounting to Rp 1786.2 trillion when the government already rolling the tax amnesty program. Expected within three (3) months remaining shortfall revenue goals can be achieved, "said Refrizal.

    In addition, Indonesia's economic growth this year is estimated at only 5.1 percent, while global economic growth in 2016 is estimated by 3.1 percent. Global issues such as Brexit, China's debt problems, Japan's fiscal injection that has not been quite successful, until the election of American president Donald Trump, making conditions increasingly uncertain global economy, these things make consumers tend to restrain spending.

    In fact, Indonesia's GDP structure is dominated by the role of household spending. To that end, amid global uncertainty, slowing the realization of investments and the realization of the recipient countries are expected sluggishness of the government can do inter-institutional synergy, including with SOE.

    "To support the achievement of revenue goals, the government must synergy. Do not overlap in issuing policies and strengthening the roles of development SOE "explains Refrizal.

    One of unconsolidated reflection of the government's economic team well is a polemic about the revision of regulation 52/2000 and 53/2000 which is growing since August 2016. Revision of regulation 52/2000 and 53/2000 are presumably going to change map of telecommunications industry in Indonesia one of them is due enforcement of mandatory network sharing and frequency permissibility sharing between operators.

    "One example of consolidation among government agencies that reflected weak in the revision of regulation 52/2000 and 53/2000. The second revision of this regulation will lead to the potential loss of state revenues in the next 5 years approximately USD 100 trillion and the loss of SOE revenue amounting to Rp 200 trillion. Moreover, allegedly contents of the regulation revised and the Law on it ". said bespectacled politician.

    Moreover, the government through its jargon Nawacita confirmed it will build Indonesia from the periphery to strengthen the regions and villages in framework of a unitary state. The regulation revision could potentially hamper development in remote and outermost regions.

    "SOE is one of the development agents to realize the vision and mission of government. SOEs can play a role in the development in the secluded regions with assignments. Therefore, the government should also strengthening the role of state enterprises in the construction and look them as a partner, " Refrizal firm.

    In general, government regulations must not conflict with existing laws on it. Revision of regulation 52/2000 and 53/2000 potential to conflict with the Act No. 36/1999 on Telecommunications.

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