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    Minister of Agriculture Launched "GERTAMCABE"


    DEPOK-Chili is a strategic vegetable commodity. Based on the results of the National Economic Social Survey (SUSENAS), chili consumption per capita per year in Indonesia is relatively stable, with the average growth of 0.81% per year.

    But lately, the Agriculture Ministry Amran Sulaiman said that the chili price in recent months has increased so intrusive and helped to push inflation.

    "The last few days we felt disturbed, chili price increases, our pressure blood is increased as well, and women in protest, "said Minister of Agriculture Andi Amran Sulaiman at the launching of the National Planting 50 Million Chili Trees Movement (GERTAMCABE) in the courtyard of Infantry Division 1 Kostrad Cilodong, Depok, on Tuesday (11/22/2016).

    As an effort to prevent chili price spikes in the future, Agriculture Minister Andi Amran Sulaiman launched the National Movement Planting 50 Million Chili Trees Movement in yard. The movement, an attempt by the Government to invite commmunities to plant chili in order to meet their household needs itself, so that when the price of chili rose no excessive concern.

    For the success of the movement, the Ministry of Agriculture is involving PKK Center, and Regions. Minister of Agriculture also recommends to plant a minimum of 20 chili trees in every household.

    "Women is expected to be willing to plant at least 20 chili trees in their house. Polybag and seedlings we'll package it for free, "said Amran.

    Amran said, there are 10 million hectares of land across the yard in Indonesia mostly unutilized. Of these, he targets at least 20% of arable chili by the people of Indonesia.

    Further Amran, by cooperating with the PKK, He meant that the GERTAMCABE program need assistance household wives. Amran said, there are 126 million women and 67 million households in Indonesia.

    "It is conceivable, if the 60 million families planted 20 trees per households, the results could generate Rp 30 trillion. If women move together, finished the affairs of our nation, "said Amran.

    Meanwhile, Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said that West Java is one of the chili production centers in Indonesia. based on average production of large chili national year 2010 - 2014, the contribution of West Java reached 22.54%, the highest nationally.

    According to Horticulture Fixed Figures data from 2014, Garut Regency is the chili main production centers in West Java with production in 2014 amounted to 80.00 thousand tons or 34.74% of the total production of chilli in West Java, followed by 25.96% of Cianjur, Tasikmalaya at 7.55%, and amounted to 6.85% of Bandung regency.

    "To increase exports volume of Indonesia chili, especially to neighboring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi and Japan have became the largest  chili export destination from Indonesia, the Government of West Java Province also continue to encourage productivity and chili production level in all regencies / cities in West Java, "said Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar.

    "Thank God, in the period of January to December 2016 growing season, in West Java successfully realized chillies harvested in area of 9153.25 hectares, 9635 hectares of planting area. The level of productivity achieved by 132.36 quintal per hectare and total production amounted to 121,157.62 tons, " He explained.

    As for the red chili, 21 536 hectares of the planted area, spacious harvest amounting to 20459.2 hectares, with the level of productivity 139.46 quintal per hectares, and the total production amounted to 285,337.17 tons.

    Therefore Deddy is optimistic with the presence of National Planting 50 Million Chili Trees Movement in yard, chili production in West Java in particular, and in Indonesia in general can be increased, considering their yards overall in Indonesia is still quite large, which is about 10.3 million hectares (data 2012).

    "Therefore, we strongly hope that the national movement launched by Mr. Minister today, can be an inspiration for all components of community in West Java, for together to optimize lands utilization in their owned environment both in home yard, schools, offices, buildings, etc., * he said.

    "Thus, in addition to encourage community resilience and self-reliance in meeting the needs of fresh chili, it also can be a potential economy for supplement of family income, "added Deddy

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