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    SMPN 2 Sindangagung Has Newspaper Enter to Class Program


    KUNINGAN-District local government of Kuningan through the Department of Education, Youth and Sport continues to encourage schools to make successful school literacy movement program in which there is a culture of reading.

    As part of the commitment of the Education District, school literacy movement or GLS with one of the activities is schools implement cultural reading for all school community, including teachers and principals. Moreover, this corresponds to Minister of Education and Culture Regulation number 23 2015 mandate to read 15 minutes before school starts and the reading program must be entered into school programs. In the district of Kuningan itself, many schools implement school literacy programs, one of which is SMPN 2 Sindangagung.

    "We greatly appreciate the schools in the district of Kuningan have implement a program to read 15 minutes before the lesson begins, especially if the program is to get support from the school committee and student parents, this is being our passion to continue to encourage other schools in making literacy program "said Drs. Suharso, M.Pd Head of Basic Education Kuningan Education, Youth and Sports Department, when met on the sidelines of its activities in office, Tuesday (22/11).

    Headmaster of SMPN 2 Garawangi, Edi Rohandi, M.M.Pd, when found in his office, Monday (21/11), said that the school literacy movement includes reading and writing habituation activities is running for the overwhelming support of the entire school community.

    "Some schools that have implemented the reading culture is a partner of USAID PRIORITAS, but we were not partners of USAID PRIORITAS also want to implement a culture of reading program modeled on USAID PRIORITAS partner school, even this activity is supported by the entire school community, from parents, teachers and students "he said.

    Order a newspaper enter to Classroom

    Edi added that to develop one of school literacy program through the provision of sufficient reading material for children, one of the program is through the newspaper to class "we and entire schools community continue to improve to succeed this literacy program. Children and teachers must be versed in reading books and newspapers to class, all for the betterment of the school "he said.

    Success in developing newspaper enter to classroom program, can not be separated from the support of the teachers in the schools, they support in order reading program more diverse with the presence of a newspaper to class.

    From these observations, each class that visited lined look neat newspaper as reading material in the reading corner. It appears the students actively reading a newspaper in sidelines recess. Sometimes the paper is also a material learning for students.

    "The newspaper, in addition to reading materials are also developed into material learning for student, when they need it the paper can be used as a learning resource, it is very effective at all "said Ayiep Rosidin, one of teachers.

    Newspaper enter classroom program which has been running since June 2016 reach all classes with total 15 classes. technical distribution through picket teachers in the day, early in the morning the teacher smoothed the paper, and immediately distribute it to all class.
    Asked how successful tips on reading culture and newspaper enter class program, Edi Rohandi says that everything went smoothly because the support of all parties "all went well for exemplary school teachers and staff modeled after reading books and newspapers, so that children in class was engrossed in reading a newspaper that has been provided by the school "he concluded.[Ahmad Saiful Bahri]

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