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    PT Len Starts to Work on Central Packages Palapa Ring Project


    BANDUNG-Along with SOE program to build country, the Minister of Communications and Informatics as the Partnership Project Responsible (PJPK) with the subsidiary of PT Len Industri (Persero), PT Len Telekomunikasi Indonesia (PT LTI) as business entities implementing the Implementation Construction Foundation Project (Groundbreaking) Central Packages of Palapa Ring Project on the Highlands road, Gotalamo Urban Village, District of South Morotai, Morotai Island District - North Maluku as a milestone in the early start of the project development process.

    From releasenya, Tuesday (22/11) through one of its Subsidiaries, Len contribute to the development priorities such as the Indonesian government Palapa Ring project. Palapa Ring is information toll network development program that is both submarine optic fiber network and inland to district / city region which is untouched by other telecommunications operators. This project will connect 17 cities / districts in the Province of East Kalimantan, North Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi and North Maluku.

    East Kalimantan province will reach Mahakam Ulu district. North Sulawesi Province reach three districts namely Sangihe islands, Talaud islands and Siau-Tagulandang-Biaro islands. Central Sulawesi province will reach four districts namely Morowali, Banggai Islands, Banggai Sea and North Morowali. Southeast Sulawesi province reach 6 districts namely Muna, North Konawe, North Buton, Konawe islands, West Muna and Central Buton while the North Maluku reach 3 district; Morotai island, Taliabu island and Tidore city. A total of 17 districts / cities being targeted development that is an area that is considered not financially viable and borders with neighboring countries.

    Central Package Palapa Ring Project also will reach out other 11 districts / cities which is interconnection point with the fiber-optic backbone network which has been built by telecommunications operators.

    Morotai island district is one of the special economic zone (SEZ) based on Government Regulation No. 50 Year 2014. Business sector is developed at KEK Morotai include fish processing industry, manufacturing, logistics and tourism. Palapa Ring project as an acceleration equalization infrastructure of telecommunications and informatics project considered can be a gate opener of investment in various sectors.

    Ground breaking event is done by the Minister of Communications and Informatics Rudiantara, Irine Yosiana Putri Roba Commission I Member of Indonesia Parliament, RW Pantja Gelora, Director of PT LTI accompanied by Tri Andayani Director Operational 1 PT Len Industri (Persero) as well as representatives of local government.

    This groundbreaking became beginning of the construction process will be conducted by PT LTI within the next 18 months, with a cable lenght that will be held reaches 2.700km with a total investment of Rp. 1:38 trillion, with a concession period of 15 years. (Even)

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