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    Chaidar: Building the Community Resilience to Prevent Radicalism


    BANDUNG-Emergence the phenomenon of radicalism in the name of religion is a disappointment form with the situation, such as the ISIS phenomena. It is the phenomenon of radicalism which was transformed into a movement.

    According to the Chairman of Muhammadiyah, to prevent ISIS ideology in Indonesia, there are at least 3 things to do.

    “Firstly, build the community resilience and strengthening the objective intelligence, and eliminate the antagonistic situation that makes people use religion to violence,” he said.

    According Chaidar, the antagonistic situation was emerged of secular life that makes everyone easily become angry.

    "This is a situation that should be eliminated, because it would be a justification of their radical action using the name of religion. Their goal is right but their action is wrong, because there is no religion teaches a violence,” he said.

    Head of Muhammadiyah Chaidar Nasir attended the commemoration of 103rd anniversary of Muhammadiyah, Bandung city.

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