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    Total of Labor Force in West Java Rise


    BANDUNG-West Java Province has increased the number of labor force. In August 2016, the labor force amounted to 21,075,899 people, while at the August 2015 as many as 20,586,356 people, an increase of 489 543 people in the period of one year.

    "Labor Force Participation Rate increased from 60.34 percent in August 2015 became 60.65 percent in August 2016, "said Gandari Adianti Aju Fatimah, M.Si, Head of Social Statistics of West Java BPS.

    The working population in West Java province in August 2016 as well increase compared with August 2015. In August 2016 the working population stood at 19,202,038 people, an increase 410 556 people compared to August last year that as many as 18,791,482 people, or up 2.18 percent.

    BPS also mentioned during the period of one year, recorded increase in the number of as many as 78 987 people unemployed. In August 2015, the unemployed in West Java province amounted to 1,794,874 people, while in August 2016 1,873,861 people registered as unemployed.

    Unemployment Rate (TPT) of West Java province rose by 0.17 percent from 8.72 percent in August 2015 to 8.89 percent in August 2016. Jo

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