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    Thousands of Workers Will Be Back To Protest


    BANDUNG-Thousands of workers from 18 SP/SB in West Java will return rallied. The rally is related to the establishment plan of UMK-year 2017. It thus disclosed by labor rallies coordinator, M. Sidarta in a text message sent to journalists on Monday (21/11).

    Sidarta, in his explanation reveals the action that took place today is a response among the workers on the deadline for the establishment of UMK 2017. The locations of demonstrations include: the rallying point of the West Java Struggle Monument which will be accompanied by speeches.

    The event was followed by a long march towards the Governor's Office of West Java with purpose to oversee the setting of wages in 2017. This action is labor commitment in order to meet UMK that is expected by workers. (NR)

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