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    Netty Gives Appreciation to Department of Communications and Informatics On Using Video Conference


    BANDUNG-In opportunity after doing sosialization via video conference at West Java Department of Communications and Informatics office, Monday (21/11), Netty expressed her appreciation on these activities.

    Further Netty, of course, the implementation of dissemination through the medium of video conference is not only limited for today, but next time. Netty hopes forward the frequency of Dissemination activities organized by the Department of Communications and Informatics of West Java Province can be increased since there are many themes issues that need to be addressed.

    According to Netty, dissemination activities may involve many parties from various elements of society. Dissemination via Video Conference with the theme "Protecting Children From Violence Impressions in Media" organized by Department of Communications and Informatics involving four regions of BKPP in West Java, it is very helpful so her parties from P2TP2A and West Java KPID could continue to educate the public about the importance of providing surveillance, attention and the protection to children from media impressions that are not educative.

    Netty about the impressions on television, revealed that the development of child this time not only from the interaction of parents, but also through interaction of media that are becoming one of the largest information input in the society especially television.

    She hopes the supervision of parents to a child can keep a child from violence impressions, pornography, racial, etc. Hopefully with this way, children can grow up in a healthy both physically and mentality and ready to be generation of leaders in the future, she added.

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