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    Chaidar: Indonesia is Minim on Exemplary Figures


    BANDUNG-One of the nation’s problems today is the lack of role models. This is expressed by Head of Muhammadiyah Chaidar Nasir in Bandung, Sunday (22/11).

    According to Chaidar, in Indonesia today have no figures that can be used as an exemplary in the life of nation.

    "The lack of exemplary makes communities do not have a fad exemplary. Therefore, our society can be act like they want without considering the rule of nation,” he said after opened the anniversary 103rd of Muhammadiyah.

    According to Chaidar, Muhammadiyah wants to become a mass organisation which capable being a dynamic factor in the formation of exemplary figures.

    "We wanted to take the role as a dynamic factor in the formation of nation's exemplary figures. Actually, we have so many exemplary figures, we also have qualified human resources, but it less attention from the government and communities itself,” he said.

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