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    West Java is a Host for World Broadcasting Meeting


    BANDUNG, West Java again entrusted to host international meeting. This time broadcasting organizations forum countries that are under the auspices of Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), the OIC Broadcasting Regulathory Authority Forum (Ibraf) will hold a world broadcasting meeting in Bandung, West Java, 22-24 February 2017.

    After a meeting with West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) related to the meeting in Pakuan Building, Jl. Otto Iskandardinata No. 1, Bandung, on Monday (21.11.16), Chairman of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) Yuliandre Dervish said that Ibraf will be an opportunity for the world broadcasting of Indonesia to conduct a review and improvement of the substance of national broadcasting.

    "It's a rare period where we have never hosted broadcasting world, "said the man who is often called Andre.

    Through meeting to be attended by the broadcasters from 57 countries, is expected to bring a fresh breeze for the changes development of Indonesia broadcasting content. Because according to Andre, the world of broadcasting is one of the things that can bring good or bad of a nation.

    "Broadcasting is the one that will tell whether good or not of Indonesia. Whether good or not it would with any content that would be taken, " said Andre.

    "So the target is how the broadcaster could bring independence, the balance, and indeed uphold the values that truly journalistic teh ideal journalism, "he continued.

    Meanwhile, the reasons for choosing Bandung as the host is not regardless of the history of the Asian-African Conference (KAA) in 1955 ago. Asian-African Conference (KAA) in Bandung is considered to have succeeded in presenting a coolness and peace for participant countries, especially for countries that have not independent at the time.

    For that through Ibraf in Bandung, the spirit of peace and coolness of Indonesia from West Java will be transmitted to the coolness of the national and world broadcast content that today is filled with hard content and watch and also less educated.

    "The theme will be lifted, the harmony of media bring coolness, peace who brought technology broadcast content convergence issues which is currently its validity suppress fistfight each other, "said Andre who currently serves as the President of Ibraf.

    West Java Provincial Government also welcomes the world broadcasting meetings held in Bandung, West Java Province. Governor Aher said that with the peculiarities of The Pasundan Land "silih asah, silih asih, silih asuh" (remind each other or sharpen the mind, love each other, guiding or parenting each other), is expected to have an impact on broadcasting content currently.

    In addition, Aher also want through this meeting will have an good impact on currently content broadcasting that is filled with violence information. For that, the meeting is expected to bring changes to the media how to present content that can bring coolness and peace in community.

    "The issue of culture, diversity issues, the issue of hospitality, tolerance among communities or religious community I think it is very nice. In OIC countries now many upheavals yes, media framing. We welcome that struggle with a message of peace from West Java, from Bandung, "said Aher after meeting.

    The plan on the sidelines of this meeting will be presented also the uniqueness art and culture of West Java, one of them is musical instrument Angklung performance. According to Aher, Angklung is played together have meaning togetherness and harmony to the players.

    "The most privileged performance, we will show Angklung. We will mention that Angklung bringing message of togetherness with way to play together and the message of peace to the world, "said Aher.

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