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    There is Potentially Adverse Media Impact to Community Life


    BANDUNG-Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (Commission) of West Java records media progress in the various types of potentially adverse impacts on people's lives, said Chairman of West Java KPID , Dedeh Fardiah, in discussions that took place on Monday (21/11) in West Java Communications and Information Department, Tamansari Street 55 Bandung.

    "There are several reasons that emergence bad side potential of the broadcast media increasingly penetration of global media, especially television are potentially at conflicts with local values and moral values, and the vulnerability of Indonesian people against the adverse effects of media or broadcast media due to the limited media literacy "he said.

    West Java KPID noted there are some events that could potentially media impressions adverse effect on people's lives, among others: impressions of violent events such as the news about school fights, fights footballer, soap operas and prohibition news.

    "Other impressions that are potentially adverse effects to community life: music show with erotic dancing and TV presenter with unethical clothes as well as ads for adults who are not delivered on time which is supposed to be "he said.

    From television media that presents an event that potentially adverse for people's lives, there is also a practice violations with a violation form of no event classification based on age classification, displaying a bloody and tragic casualties and violent displays of verbal and non-verbal.

    The direct impact of TV influence on teenagers said Dedeh among other way of dress, consumptive lifestyles, instant culture, way of speaking and not obey the rules. Especially for teenagers impact includes motorcycle gang, violence since a child, a wild race, school brawl, promiscuity, play games in Internet cafes during school hours, hanging out at the mall and playtruant.

    "To prevent the occurrence of adverse on media effects to the public, for radio types media is prohibited to broadcast songs with title and / or lyrics charged sex, obscene or sexual activity impression and broadcasting information taken from the Internet are not necessarily accurate "he added.

    To anticipate the adverse effects of media on people's lives, IBC includes Regional IBC have been optimizing the working system of supervision especially regarding broadcast content. Work system focused on broadcast content analysis as well as verification and screening analysis results.

    The process is followed by a discussion on clauses are violated. Recently, the process is done with plenary. for media to be violating, IBC have prepared a variety of sanctions, in the form of written reprimand, the temporary suspension of the agenda, duration and timing broadcast restrictions, administrative fines, freezing broadcast activities for a certain time, not granted extensions and revocation of broadcast licenses. (NR)

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