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    Netty: Prevent Impact of Media Violence Impressions against Children


    BANDUNG-Chairman of Integrated Services Center for Women and Children (P2TP2A) of West Java Province Netty Prasetyani Heryawan asserted, parent's role is very important in protecting children from the effects impressions contains elements of violence in the media. This is expressed by Netty in the discussion on the protection of children from the impact of impressions containing violence elements in the media, in West Java Communication and Informatics Department through Video Conference together with 4 BKPP (Bogor, Purwakarta, Cirebon, and Priangan) in West Java, on Monday (21/11).

    "Because parents are the closest to the child, then their role are important to prevent the impact. One of the efforts is to create some sort of regulation in the home, such as determining the rules of watching TV hours and provide education to impressions watched "she said.

    According Netty any regulation made by the government will be futile and have not impact, if the parents are ignorant of the impact.

    "Useless we make any regulations about impressions, about the dangers and others, if the parents themselves neglected and ignored "said Netty.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (Commission) of West Java Dedeh Fardiah who becomes second speaker explained, IBC will continue to monitor and give warning against broadcasting institutions that violate the guidelines and broadcast behavior.

    "In P2SPS as broadcast guide is set clearly on impression who should and should not. If only broadcasters were submissive and obedient on P2SPS, there will be no negative impact impressions "clear Dedeh. (Even)

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