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    Angkung's Day, Indonesian Angklung Association is Declared


    BANDUNG-In commemoration of 6th Angklung Day at Gedung Sate Sunday (20/11), it is declared the founding of the Indonesian Angklung Association (AAI).

    The declaration is made by practitioners and observers of angklung art in West Java initiated by artist Sistriaji. The reading of the declaration made in rain at the end of the event mass playing angklung by 6000 students. Sistriaji who read the declaration aloud before West Java Governor said, AAI will become a place of official development and angklung preservation in Indonesia.

    "AAI is a forum for the development and preservation of angklung in Indonesia, and it is opened to anyone who wants to explore or learn angklung " he said.

    According Sistriaji, AAI is an attempt of seriousness community in West Java in particular to preserve angklung as the traditional arts of West Java, which has been recognized as an intangible heritage by UNESCO, the United Nations six years ago.

    "AAI will become conservers institution that embodies the aspirations and innovation for the development of angklung "he explained.

    6th Angklung Day is celebrated by thousands of students at Gedung Sate, with played some attractive songs likes 'Lalajo Wayang', 'Yamko Rambe' 'Peuyeum Bandung' and others. (Even)

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