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    KPID Continues to Perform Surveillance Broadcast Content


    BANDUNG-Chairman of the Broadcasting Commission of West Java Dedeh Fardiah admitted that in the content field broadcast, she continues to do monitoring, control broadcast content, and follow up on public complaints related to broadcasting as well.

    It thus made the statement while giving a speech at the West Java KPID Award, Friday (18/11) in the lobby of Panghegar Hotel Bandung

    Further Dedeh, one of the programs that are launched, namely through "Gemas Pedas" or West Java Community Movement in Promoting Healthy Broadcasting Smart Viewer. As a form of guidance to the public related to healthy broadcasting.

    "We also support the 'West Java rejects violence', in our view program also see that this is one of the violence causes through impressions, "he said.

    We expect the synergy between broadcasters in 27 Regencies / Cities in order to continuously deliver healthy treats, child friendly, and innovative, said Dedeh.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of the Events Committee Mahi M. Hikmat said, according to the theme of West Java 9th KPID Award 2016 "Mendorong Insan Penyiaran yang Nyeni, Nyakola, Nyunda, Narigama. "It means West Java KPID has an obsession for the program that aired by broadcasters today, tomorrow, and so on, sublime aesthetic value, artistic value that can entertain in healthy.

    Nyakola, means that existing programs in the broadcaster, must have a high educational value, there is a value that gives education to citizens of West Java. Nyunda, in the broadest sense is broadcasters are not doubt to highlight the various entities of the local culture in West Java.

    "Narigama, implies that all the programs that exist in West Java must be in accordance with the characteristics of a religious community in West Java, which has incredible religious values, "he said.

    Related to awards, Mahi said that assessment is carried by independent, objective, fair, free of interest, accountable, and professional Jury.

    "The winners receive an award plaque, trophy and 'kadedeuh' money," he said.

    Here West Java KPID Award Winners 2016

    Radio category:
    - Local Radio Winners
    News Radio Category
    Radio: LPPL Bogor Regency
    Program: Bogor Hari Ini

    Talkshow radio category
    Radio: MQFM Bandung
    Program: Bincang Pendidikan

    Entertainment (Local Cultural Arts) Radio Category
    Radio: GSP Pamanukan Subang
    Program: Kacapi Congress

    Children Radio Program Categories
    Radio: FM Lita Bandung
    Program: Tali Alit

    - Winner of Community Radio
    Category Ratio Community Public Service
    Radio: CBS Cirebon
    Program: Permainan Anak

    Education Culture and Entertainment Press Category
    Radio: Radio Komunitas Bunut Sukabumi
    Program: Hariring Peuting Lengser Jeung Panganten

    Television Category:
    News Television Category
    Television: Bandung TV
    Program: Tangara Pasundan

    Television Feature category
    Television: PJTV Bandung
    Program: Bandung Weekly

    Talkshow Television Category
    Television: TVRI Jabar
    Program: Sarasehan Komunitas Pecinta TVRI Jabar

    Children's Television Program Categories
    Television: LPPL Kuningan TV
    Program: Dunia Anak

    Television Arts Local Culture Entertainment Category
    Television: RCTV Cirebon
    Program: Ragam Pranatacara Basa Cirebon

    SSJ Television Program Category
    Television: NET TV
    Program: NET Jawa Barat

    Live Time Achievement Television and Radio:
    Category Television: Dr. H. Dede Mulkan, M. Si
    Radio category: H. Demas Korompis

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