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    West Java KPID Award 2016: Nyeni, Nyakola, Nyunda, Narigama


    BANDUNG-Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPID) of West Java, held West Java KPID Award 2016. The event is intended as a form of appreciation for radio and television broadcasters in West Java, which has attempted to present an entertaining broadcast in a healthy, educate, contains helpful information, as well as a media control and social adhesives.

    West Java KPID Award this year followed by 80 broadcasters consists of 58 radio broadcasters participants (49 private radio and 9 community radio) and 22 television broadcasters (14 local television and eight SSJ television), where more or less the whole has collected 183 works.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) presents at the event said that KPID task to ensure the benefits of broadcasting for viewers (TV), or listeners (radio).

    "As a consequence of the broadcasting law, the task of KPI to monitor the healthy broadcasting," said Aher.

    Further Aher, He demanded that the broadcasting men and women overall to create programs that benefit to the community. so that entertainment benefits and educational benefits, can be obtained in a balanced manner.

    In addition, Aher also reminded the broadcasters to not pursuit "rating", or the number of viewers or listeners. However beyond that, morality is a major commitment.

    He said that because he thought that broadcasting is enormous influence in formation of a national character.

    "In today's era of change, it seems that highly influential is broadcasters or media. Reach great kindness of reward by this broadcasters. Building good broadcasting to develop national character, It will build up the glory in the future, "said the Governor.

    "We show the right by interest way, that is the task of broadcasting institutions at this time, "he concluded.

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