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    Governor Hologram Delivers West Java Booth Becoming Champion in AMH 2016


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) Hologram displayed at West Java PR Exhibition Booth delivering West Java provincial government to get award at the Media Public Relations Awarding Night (AMH) in 2016, which was held at the Harris City Bandung, Friday (11.18.16) evening.

    Besides category Exhibitions, West Java PR had won the award in Advertorial Writing category. Achievements of the provincial government also made this evening complete with the award that reached by West Java in the category of People Performances Festival presented by West Java Communication and Information Department Team. Three Best categories achieved: Best Actress, Best Actor, and Best Director.

    Regarding the Booth, Head of Public Relations Secretariat of West Java Ade Sukalsah said the concept of digitizing and Augmented Reality carried on Virtual Exhibition is the first step of the modern Public Relations, sophisticated, and especially environmentally friendly.

    "This is our first step to abandon the conventional era with papperless system, due later exhibitions were not wasting paper, " he said.

    "Now PR, then forward all the exhibits will be using a similar technology that effect on the growth of West Java e-commerce more stable, " he added.

    Peak hours Bakohumas Meeting

    Media Relations Awards Night is the culmination of the Coordination Public Relations Agency (Bakohumas) Meeting and the Community 2016 in national level was held in Harris Hotel Bandung on November 17 to 19, 2016.

    Bakohumas meeting activities was a forum for coordination among the entire public relations in Indonesia. With the goal of public relations officials could synergize with each other, exchanging mind in building the reputation of the Government through real work.

    Gathering Bakohumas 2016 followed by 208 Regional Secretary of City and Regency and 146 Bakohumas members throughout Indonesia. Public Relation officials including from the Central government and the province of the city / regency, as well as other agencies, including state-owned nterprises.

    Seven category that compete in AMH 2016, namely Annual Performance Report; Internal Media; Advertorial Writing; Merchandise; PR Institutions Profile; Exhibition / booth; Internet Information Services. Each category is divided to two groups: the Ministry / Agency / SOE (R)/ Education State and City / Regency / Province.

    AMH Competition participated by a total of 171 participants. Consisting of seven provinces, 80 cities / regencies and the rest of the ministries / state-owned enterprises (regional) and State Universities.

    West Java Head of Public Relations Ade Sukalsah deems it necessary AMH as an appreciation event from the central government, as well as a venue for healthy competition that ends is increasingly excellent service to the community.

    "PR government should continue to improve and update themselves to meet community needs for information about government with right and proper, for the event was very good for each other Government Public Relations share knowledge and experience, "he said.

    Apart from the noble intention, according to Ade, there are some things he highlighted one of which is the assessment criteria which matured more.
    "For example, in the assessment of the official website whether it is included elements traffic? "he asked.

    However, he expressed satisfaction over the achievement of the team consisting of West Java Public Relations and West Java Communication and Information Department. He promised next year achievements would be better than this year.

    "Thank you citizens of West Java and the ranks of the provincial government for their support in this achievement, "he concluded

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