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    Military Command III / Siliwangi Held Istiqosah Simultaneously


    BANDUNG-Today the whole TNI soldiers and civil servants in  Military Command III / Siliwangi follow Istiqosah and prayers held at Masjid Al-Ikhlas Military Command III / Siliwangi Aceh Street Bandung, Friday (18/11).

    Istiqosah activities and prayers are held from 10:00 pm which will be followed by the Friday prayers congregation that was attended by 1,000 military personnel and civil servants of Military Command III / Siliwangi and surrounding communities.

    Istiqosah led by KH. Drs. Aang Syarif Hidayat, M.Pdi of Bandung Religious Affairs, conveyed that the strength of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) is "Two Greend" ie two strength of the Army and Islam, there is no such power when not cling on Religion and able to implement Sharia religion.

    Istiqosah and prayer together is done throughout the territory of the ranks of military command III / Siliwangi simultaneously including Kodim 0618 / BS implement it in Siliwangi Stadium field, as well as for the Christians held joint prayer centered on the Church Lembong Street Bandung.

    Istiqosah and prayer together is addressed in the context of praying to God Almighty that this nation can face all threats that attempt to disrupt unity, unity, integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia.

    While on Istiqosah and prayers this time with the theme, "As Being Gratitude to God Almighty To Create Secure, Peace and Tranquility in the Life of a Nation And State".

    With praying to God through prayer together and Istiqosah we hope that the conditions of this country that we love are always in His protection, always secure, serene and peaceful.

    Istiqosah and prayers was attended by Commander III / Siliwangi, Irdam III / SLW, the expert staff, the Assistant Kasdam III / SLW and the Kabalakdam III / SLW and the Danyon in the city of Bandung. (Even)

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