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    Aher Suggests City/ Regency Reset "Modern Shop" Permissions


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) suggests the Regent / Mayor to re-regulate the licensing of stores or modern markets establishment in every region. It is meant for controlling the presence of modern stores that have proliferated so as not to threaten the sustainability of stores or small waroeng owned by the community.

    "Regent / Mayor can regulate the licensing of a number of modern stores, from the distance to the business community property. So the balance between modern store and traditional stores that managed by community to be balanced, even if threaten the sustainability of the local economy may also be moratorium, " said Aher after the opening of the People's Market Festival, at the West Parking Gedung Sate Bandung, Thursday (17/11/2016).

    "Sin if Regent / Mayor shuts off the people market!" he said.

    Aher imagines with proliferate of shops and mordern markets largerly is risking the presence of  imbalances economic growth between capital owners and economic activities.

    "The arrangement that are modern, large, small should be regulated, not then to the corners allowed. Because of this octopus from large companies, impact to small market, "he said.

    Basically, the authority to give such permission is District / City Government. However, Aher appealed to the heads of regions in West Java to ensure that all trading activities both modern and tradisional continued to grow and live.

    "The growth of modern stalls in the authority of the Regent / Mayor, should make regulations that make people live in everything, "said Aher.

    "Therefore, if it is severe please moratorium it, but if the regulations can be arranged simply arranged, must be able to guarantee that big shop lives, small and  middle stalls live, traditional stalls are also alive, "he added.

    Aher wants, the economy may grow evenly. "Do not let the economy grow, but poverty also grew, "he concluded.

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