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    Government Public Relations is More and more Better Today


    BANDUNG-Public Relations Coordination Agency (Bakohumas) held Annual Meeting of Public Relations Coordination Agency and Community in national level 2016. The event was held in Harris Hotel Bandung on November 17 to 19, 2016.

    The Public Relations Coordination Agency meeting activities is a coordination among public relations throughout Indonesia. With the goal of public relations officials could create a synergy, exchange ideas in building the reputation of the Government through real work.

    Public Relations Coordination Agency 2016 Gathering was attended by approximately 900 participants, among them is the official of public relations in Indonesia. The official of public relations among them are from the central government, provincial and regency, city, as well as other agencies, including state-owned enterprises.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan related to PR said that PR has a very important role in communicating to the community, the various roles that have been made by the Government in development, and in bringing prosperity to the people.

    "Usually we are less intense shortage of presenting information on society, what is done by the Government. Of course I have to say that in fact the biggest role is to protect the public, or the role of the elements state in protecting all citizens, to bring better life and improve welfare are elements of the Government. For this reason, it must be true well informed of what is being implemented by the Government, "said Governor Aher at the Gathering Public Relations Coordination Agency 2016, in Haris Convention Hall Bandung, Thursday (11/17/2016).

    "But the Government Public Relations od course is more and more better, professional later together to formulate so that no misunderstanding with the public, information on what the Government has done presenting for our society, "he added.

    Aher said PR should present the face of a product or programs. Therefore, PR has a duty to maintain a positive image, certainly of the postive substance.

    PR success indicators according Aher is, people see which program that Government run well without any misunderstanding. if the community not knowing the performance of what has been done by the government in fact the government has done a lot, then the role of PR is less effective.

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