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    Boost Internal Economic, Benefit from Local Animator


    CIMAHI-Cimahi Government again held Baros International Animation Festival (BIAF) for the fourth time. Cimahi seriously continues to develop a product of this creative industry through event involving the participants and speakers from 11 countries.

    Opening ceremony or the opening of BIAF 2016 was lively and spectacular. Preamble held at Technopark Cimahi, Baros Street No. 78, Cimahi City, on Thursday (17.11.16). As a sign of the start of the largest animation festival throughout this archipelago, the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) together with Deputy Marketing Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) RI Joshua Puji Mulia Simanjuntak and Vice Mayor Cimahi Sudiarto pressing touchscreen display then followed by the animated show as well as icons BIAF 2016 highly attractive and advanced the work of local animator.

    "Fourth year BIAF is incredible. Starting from the first implementation of the held in tents in the courtyard of a hotel until now held in technopark like this, "said Vice Governor after the opening ceremony.

    "This is a picture of the commitment of the city government and also Cimahi Creative Association (CCA) how to fourth with full challenges remain to be implemented and is now increasingly getting bigger right. Existence of BIAF is getting bigger I guess, "he said.

    Vice Governor added BIAF mat needs to be developed, so BIAF not just bring a technology and creativity of the animator. Forward BIAF should be able to be meeting event between the animators all over the world, so BIAF could be market or exchange of businessmen global animation.

    As one of the products of creative industries, animation is considered to have big share market, especially in Indonesia. The ability of the animators in the country is had no doubt, both in quality and quantity. Vice Governor said Indonesia has had many reliable animators and it should be utilized to the maximum.

    "This means that human resources are already very available, but how do we boost the economic value there," said Vice Governor.

    It also expressed by Deputy Marketing Creative Economy Agency of Indonesia Joshua Puji Mulia Simanjuntak. According to Joshua, skill and ability of the animators in the country is not in doubt. Things need to improve the quality of our animation products, namely from the side of the story or storytelling.

    "Skill to create an animation that is not in doubt. HR management has been very great, live challenge or the challenge is how to create its storytelling. Animation without exciting storytelling might be spared from the market, "said Joshua in his speech at the opening ceremony.

    In addition to the story, the other content to note that the character of the animation created. Joshua explained that the local content or the culture of Indonesia could become the hallmark of a strong and could be selling as well as entertainment facilities to educate the public or animation lovers.

    "The distinctive feature or selling point of animation in Indonesia, local content or the wealth of our culture. Si Kancil has a lot of versions in various cultures, when it was made into a good animated storytelling plus it would be a selling point not only domestically but also abroad, "said Joshua.

    BIAF can be interactive means between the perpetrators of domestic animation with foreign countries to develop animation capabilities of the various sides. To that end, BIAF always brings professional speakers from both within and outside the country.

    Speakers who will be present at the BIAF 2016, including: Eric Castanet (Script Doctor of France), Adam Ham (CEO GCMA, Malaysia), Hongi Kim (CEO Goldilocks Studio Inc., Korea), Kenichiro Tomiyasu (Concept Artist - Final Fantasy X & XI, Metal Geat Rising, Japan), Eki NF (Head of Creative MD Animation, Indonesia), David Kwok (CEO Tiny Island Productions, Singapore), Piotr Kardas (Festival Director O! PLA, Poland), and Shilpa Ranade (Animation Lecturer at IIT Bombay, India).

    In addition, there is also Peter Schavemaker (Animation Journalist of the Netherlands), Stephane Aldebert (CEO Moutarde & Wasabi, Singapore), Hassan Abdul-Muttalib (Professional Scriptwriter, Malaysia), Zero Kittiampon ( "Paddle Pop", Layout Supervisor Monk Studio, Thailand) , Dika Toolkit (Sketcher, Indonesia), Myran Gawryn (Character Animation Developer, Teacher at Gobellins, Walt Disney, Dreamworks, USA), Anthony Krawczyck (Audio Visual Coordinator IFI, France), and other speakers.

    "With BIAF event it will happen communication animators and creative people from different countries to create synergy and improve the quality of the animation as well as build a global network of animation and open global markets for the animators in Indonesia," said Vice Mayor Cimahi Sudiarto.

    Animation for Cimahi city has been part of four clusters of local economic development. For that, BIAF can be used as a gathering of entertainment industry stakeholders and animation, such as animation studios, game development, comic artists, illustrators, media agencies, software developers, merchandising, IT industry developers, the community, to the animation lovers.

    There are a variety of activities in addition to the animators at BIAF exhibition held from 17 to 20 November 2016, such as talkshow, master classes, business meetings until animation competition.

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