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    West Java Provincial Government Donates Again 1,000 New Halal Certificate


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government again gave 1,000 halal certificate which is given to the Small and Medium Industries (SMI). The Handover of new halal certificates took place at the Islamic Da'wah Center (Pusdai) in West Java Bandung, Thursday (17/112016).

    Head of Industry and Trade Department of West Java, Hening Widiatmoko, with regard to submission of the halal certificate expressed that halal certificate which take place today is intended to increase competitiveness of SMEs products in West Java and encourage awareness of SMEs offender in impotance of product certification and standardization in the era of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

    "Embedding halal label for SME products, in addition to ensure processed product are safe for consumption as well as to encourage the competitiveness of processed products in West Java "he said.

    Indonesia halal certification, clearly Hening still trailing far behind than Other ASEAN countries. Based on data from the National Standardization Agency (BSN) halal certificate less than 20%, while the State Malaysia is already above 90%. The low number of halal certification in Indonesia triggered by the lack of consumers awareness in the importance of accountable halal label. Halal certification, not just a label but a sign that consistently informs the consumer that the product is Halal. Halal certification issued by Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI).

    In the last five years LPPOM MUI has issued 13.136 halal certificates of the total halal products circulating in Indonesia number 155.774. While Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) recorded 175.157 products listed currently, only around 103.382 products or approximately 59.01% that have been pocketing the MUI halal certificate.

    "West Java Provincial Government is very concerned for the manufacture of halal certification. Since 2005 West Java provincial government has facilitated the halal certification for the perpetrators of SMEs. This commitment has been recognized by the central government so that West Java set as "Halal Province", "he added.

    In addition, from 27 Regencies / Cities in West Java, 14 Regencies / Cities have set the same commitment and set as "Halal Regencies / Cities". Fourteenth Regencies / Cities including: City and Regency of Bekasi, Depok city, Indramayu regency, Bandung regency, Bogor City, City and regency of Sukabumi, Cimahi city, Karawang regency, Subang regency, Majalengka regency, Kuningan regency and Sumedang regency. (NR)

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