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    Vice Governor: We Build Indonesia From the Skirt


    BANDUNG-village could be development spearhead of a nation. Success or failure of the development process that we do depending on the quality of construction has been completed in the village area. Therefore, in general it can be stated that the success of development national, is the accumulation of the success of rural development throughout Indonesian territory.
    In the opening ceremony of Padesaan Forum at the Hotel Savoy Homann, Asia-Africa Street No. 112, Bandung, on Wednesday night (16/11), the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar invites the stakeholders in the country, especially villagers apparatus to maximize all the potential of each village.
    "This event (Padesaan Forum) we expect could be a vehicle for establishing communication, collaboration, and sharing of experiences, both formulation government policy in the regulation of village governance which is coordinated and synergy between local and central, "said Deputy Governor in his speech.
    This was in line with the theme of the Padesaan Forum this time, the "Spirit of countryside to build Indonesia from the periphery ". Vice Governor assesed that the government of the village has a greater opportunity to improve the welfare society, so this time the village not just be focused on development, but also as the designer of development in accordance with the potential and needs.
    "The village is no longer a target object of development, but became the subject development of an active role as a driving force of development, "said Vice Governor.
    Vice Governor also pointed out the success of building the village in the Majasari Village subdistrict Sliyeg, Indramayu regency, who became champion in the Race Village National Level 2016. Some time ago, only this village can set beef prices Rp 80.000 / kg, in accordance with the directives of the President Joko Widodo at that time. According to the Vice Governor, it became evident that one of the village could become the driving force of economic development of society through productive business based on agriculture.
    Through this Padesaan Forum, Vice Governor also emphasized the four (4) things that need to be considered in the implementation of rural development, namely: (1) Financing coordination, (2) Integration of rural assistance, (3) Synchronization regulation of implementation, and (4) Synergy rural development actors.
    "With the Rural Development Movement Semesta Village or this village movement, is expected all the elements involved in the implementation of rural development capable to strengthen coordination, synchronization and harmonization, so it can be realized development ideals of the periphery to strengthen the Homeland, "please Vice Governor Deddy.
    Meanwhile, Head of Community and Village Government (BPMPD) West Java Koesmayadie in the report said that the purpose of this forum is to identify perceptions in coaching village governance, and empowerment of rural communities and wards.
    "Another aim is to develop the spirit padesaan for material formulation of village governance policies, as well as village community empowerment and we expect it could also be a forum for sharing experience in implementing the policy / program featured the village, "said Koesmayadie.
    Padesaan Forum was held on 16 to 18 November 2016. There were 150 participants took part in this forum. They come from 18 provinces in Indonesia, namely 27 regencies / cities in West Java, 8 regencies / cities and villages / wards the champion of village Competition 2016.

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