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    Bandung City Local Water Company Embraces Maribaya Citizen


    WEST JAVA BANDUNG REGENCY- Bandung Local Water Company Tirta Wening is cooperating with at least 70 families in Maribaya Village RT 4 RW 5 West Bandung Regency.

    The partnership is agreed in the agreement between Local Water Company with citizens signed in Raudhatul Jannah mosque.

    "We have here the land assets totaling approximately 5 hectares, which until not currently utilized by the company. Some of the land was already there used by residents as a place to stay. Well to keep assets then all of us create a lease agreement with the citizens "said Sonny Salimi, Director of PDAM Tirta Wening Bandung.

    According to Sonny, the deal is done symbolically by a few families, from a total of 77 families that utilize Local Water Company assets.

    "So the essence of agreement is the citizens recognize that the assets or land whose they occupy is owned by the Local Water Company and people were ready to pay the rent, and joined in maintaining these assets "said Sonny. (Pun)

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