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    Bandung Tirtawening PDAM & BBWS Make A Cooperation


    BANDUNG-To maximize the potential of water discharge in Cikareo, Local Water Company (PDAM) Tirtawening Bandung in cooperation with the Center for River Region (BBWS) Citarum build waterways installment.

    With regard to such cooperation, Managing Director DPAM Tirtawening Bandung Sonny Salimi in a statement to reporters, Wednesday (16/11) said PDAM Tirtawening still need water more than 2,000 liters per second to meet the water needs of the city of Bandung.

    Now with the installation of water lines constructed from Cikareo to Dago get an additional 40 liters per second.

    With the addition of the water flow, which will be examined more favorable, whether extra services to older consumers, or add new customers.

    "Then to add new customers, the addition is about 4 thousand customers, "said Sonny.

    However, to add a service, which means to increase investment. if it is counted, if the addition of 40 liters of water per second could serve 40 thousand customers, the additional investment required for new connections amounting Rp 16 billion.

    Meanwhile, if channeled to existing customers, it does not require new infrastructure.

    "Maybe it could add hours for the water flowing to customers who usually 4-6 hours becomes 12 hours, "said Sonny

    Meanwhile Committing Officer (CO) of Raw Water Supply (PAB) Citarum, BBWS Citarum, Cecep Muhtaj in a statement to reporters said it has become BBWS obligation to provide infrastructure for the Local Water Company, which will channel water.

    "So we just set up the infrastructure alone. Local Water Company which continues to customers, "he said.

    Investment which is incurred to build the pipeline along the 9-kilometer, costs approximately Rp9,9 billion, extending from Lembang to Tahura.

    "This money is distributed by KemenPUPera (Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, red), "
    According to Cecep, Local Water Company does not have to return the money in any form. Only just have to maintain infrastructure properly. "Because, if not treated well, there will be the findings, "he said.

    The construction of this installation was done in 2015 ago. budgets which are used are also budget year 2015. "It is now just handing over any assets," added Cecep (NR)

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