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    Aher Gives 500 Al-Quran for Inmates


    SUKABUMI REGENCY-After visit Pelabuhan Ratu in order to HIV / AIDS care campaign among fishermen, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) took a midday prayer worship together with hundreds of patronage residents, in prisons Class III Warungkiara Sukabumi, Wednesday (11/16/2016).

    On that occasion, the Governor gives tausiyah, or spiritual speech on inmates were also included as a Sa'adatuddaaroin Boarding School which is established in such prisons.

    Governor invited the inmates to be obedient to Allah SWT. According to him there are two things to note in the man in devoting to him. The first, do on His command. Second, silent for not doing His ban.

    "Command, we perform prayers, pay zakat , those things that we do. Prohibition, do not get drunk, do not commit adultery, do not steal, we stay silent should not do anything, "Said Aher.

    "But it is our people who have desires, when desires come accompanied by demonic whisper, there was immoral, so it is more difficult to implement orders, or silent for not doing His ban? "he joked.

    Aher also invites all inmates to not be separated from the Koran, as way of life.

    "The Holybook for those who only read can get reward named Al-Quran, let us read Al-Quran! "He said.

    In reading the Koran, according to the example given by the Prophet Muhammad, should be read in the fastest three days, and no later than one month complete. Then, most importantly, studied the contents to be understood as a way of life.

    With that urgency, the Governor Aher gives 500 Al-Quran for the boarding school.

    "Later if there are arrived, taking advantage of the best," he said.

    After seeing inmates, Aher was reviewing a piece of land in the the prisons complex. On the plot of land being built cowshed, the plan is that cattle breeding will be managed as a productive business by inmates. And to support these farms, the other land section will be grown indigofera which is rich protein plant, excellent for animal feed, as raw material for animal feed.

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