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    Aher: HIV / AIDS Threatens Us All


    SUKABUMI REGENCY-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, campaigned Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) care in the neighborhood of fishermen, at the fish auction place (TPI) Pelabuhan Ratu Sukabumi, Wednesday (11/16/2016).

    The campaign was carried out to coincide with the anniversary of World anti-HIV / AIDS  in 2016.

    Governor familiarly called Aher stated, from the data that he received per December 31, 2015, as many as 4,154 people scattered in regency / City in West Java infected with HIV / AIDS.

    "There is no city / regency in West Java who escaped from the dangers of HIV / AIDS," Said Aher.

    Even more surprising, there are as many as 18,100 women in West Java work as commercial sex workers (PSK), has a customer reach numbers 826 500 people, which means that the potential for the spread of HIV / AIDS in West Java pretty threatening.

    Aher illustrate, if only every customer has a commercial sex workers (PSK) partner like official wife, then the potential for transmission of HIV / AIDS will be more and more terrifying, in addition to his wife, a virus that attacks the immune system  was potentially infectious body in a descendants which are nation's next generation.

    "That's just hetero- sexual transmission of commercial sex workers (PSK), yet of gays, transvestites, and other forth, "he said.

    So Aher invites the fishermen to continue to make efforts in preventing the spread of HIV / AIDS. With early prevention efforts to those who are not contracted, and for those who already infected to continue the spirit in order to improve their future by improving morality spirituality.

    "Let us present our commitment as human beings to live serve to Allah, the god-fearing and obedient to Him. That is what will make us purposeful life, prosperous and happier, "Invited Aher.

    "AIDS is a threat to us all. Faith and god-fearing, It is good as well as prevention of immorality that hit us, "he added.

    Additionally Aher stressed, fidelity among married couples also be the key to avoid HIV / AIDS disease. If the husband and wife are loyal to each other, HIV / AIDS infection in the offspring too, will be spared.

    Also as a society, Aher invites all of which in order to motivate people with HIV / AIDS (ODHA) to continue striving live until there is not a discrimination.

    "We should not be affected, and encourage people living with HIV in order to stay alive and continue to have a faith in God, "she said.

    International Day Against HIV / AIDS in Sukabumi Regency was followed by more than 300 fishermen which will be given briefing. Later the fishermen who get this briefing will be volunteers who disseminate prevention of HIV / AIDS in their environment.

    As Aher said before, HIV / AIDS threaten anyone, regardless any profession. At this time socializing, a group of fishermen who got socialization, in the future may be other community groups.

    While on these activities, it is targeted as many as 650 fishermen follow blood test, in order to test for HIV / AIDS, or Voluntary Counselling and testing (VCT).

    Counseling about HIV / AIDS to fishermen became important, especially for fisherman who is lacked knowledge since spent more time in sea.

    Attending at the event People's Welfare Assistant Regional West Java Province Secretariat Ahmad Hadadi, who represented Head of Health Department of West Java, Vice Regent Sukabumi Adjo Sardjono along with wife, Sub Director of HIV / AIDS and STDs Indonesia Ministry of Health Endang Budi Hastuti, as well as the fishermen campaigners.

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