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    Jamboree & Initial Planting in Kiarapayung


    SUMEDANG REGENCY-A total of 540 cadres of Eco Village are attending the Initial Planting "Green Partner" and Ecovillage Jamboree 2016 in Taman Keanekaragaman Hayati (Kehati) Kiarapayung, Sindangsari Village, subdistrict Sukasari, Sumedang Regency, on Wednesday (11.16.16).

    Jamboree program is a continuation of the Eco Village after completion the facilitation from government, so hopefully through this program the existence of Ecovillage in maintaining and preserving the natural environment, especially Citarum river could be continued by the cadres.

    "Jamboree could be our momentum for a reinvigorated our commitment to keep nature. Who knows, this is being our key to get into heaven, " said Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar in front of jamboree participants.

    "I think these brothers all became inspiration for other areas to begin in maintaining a natural, to fix non-structural things, tree vegetation planting. Then the culture change towards better about should we treat nature. So it can bring blessing, not disaster for a living, "he continued.

    Jamboree is held 16 to 17 November 2016, with the involvement of Eco Village cadres of 190 Eco Village which is incorporated in the anchor or work network of Eco Village. In addition to the jamboree, in cooperation with Pertamina, West Java Province Government through the Environmental Management Agency (BPLHD) of West Java also do planting trees in Taman Keanekaragaman Hayati (Kehati) Kiarapayung.

    The tree planting was held in the theme of Initial Planting "Green Partner", as a form of preservation of Taman Kehati Kiarapayung, Sumedang regency. There are 1,300 trees to be planted in the initial planting and 500 trees among others planting on this day. It is expected by activities could be a conservation efforts, increase green areas in West Java and can prevent the occurrence of a disaster even greater.

    "It's not just about the environment but can also be a conservation. Because of the existing data, the new green area now reached between 37 up to 38 percent from the target of 45 percent. Moreover, we know West Java a lot of the disaster, "he added in a speech at the event of Initial Planting and opening of the Jamboree.

    Environmental development program of Pertamina Operation Region III is derived from PERTAMAX sales. General Manager Marketing Operation Region (GM MOR) III Pertamina Jumali said that the initial planting is not a first cooperation for Pertamina and BPLHDs who has been cooperating since 2012.

    However, Jumali explained that the cooperation this time is different because it involves TBBM Bandung group which includes entrepreneurs stations in the working area of Bandung Raya to Sukabumi and Garut to participate through an initial planting program.

    "A form of cooperation that every ladies / gentlement to buy fuel, especially Pertamax product. Entrepreneurs will set aside some of their profits to buy trees which is helped and coordinated by BPLHD of West Java, "said Jumali in his speech.

    Cooperation is scheduled to be rolled up to the year 2018 is stub or the first in Indonesia. To that end, Jumali hopes that this program will continue with the support of West Java province, and was followed by others party, so that will provide benefits not only to Pertamina and local governments but also to society and the environment.

    The size of Taman Kehati Kiarapayung currently reaches 15 hectares of the 156 hectares arboretum Leuweng Pajajaran (named by Governor Ahmad Heryawan). BPLHD head of West Java Anang Sudarna revealed, under the current West Java had 13 Taman Kehati, five of which are managed by West Java and District / City Government, seven by the private sector, and one in setting process.

    While districts / cities in West Java that had been had Taman Kehati, namely Sumedang regency, Kuningan regency, Karawang regency, Tasikmalaya and Depok. Development of Taman Kehati Kiarapayung itself has started since 2010 by planting 89 species of endemic plants.

    "Back again to the heart. Why the name Kehati? this Biodiversity is not just a question of mindset, not just a question of our heads. But The issue at the heart, in our software. If the software is correct then it will correct all of its output. If it is not, it called error. Let us go back to our hearts, we keep what we are doing both past, present, and which will come to have the benefits and value of worship, "said Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar in his speech.

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