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    World Halal Tourism Award, Tourism Indonesia in The Eyes of The World


    BANDUNG "Tourism as a major sector should be supported by all other sectors particularly those directly related to infrastructure and transport, "said President Joko Widodo.

    The competition this year in World level, World Halal Tourism or well-known as World Halal TourismAward 2016 (WHTA 2016) held back.

    In a release received by the editorial jabarprov.go.id, Wednesday (16/11) Government Communications team explains, WHTA 2016 is award that be given to the halal destination. Halal destination is a tourist destination complete with Halal facilities, moslem friendly tourism.

    Examples of criteria that must be present on halal destinations are easy to find mosques, places of ablution, the hotel has Qibla directions, hours of prayers, Holybook, and so forth. WHTA 2016 was held from October 24 until 6 November 2016 (preliminary round) and 7 until 24 November 2016 (final round) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

    In the previous year (2015), Indonesia came out as the overall winner with won three categories at once out of 15 contested categories. Indonesia successfully awarded WHTA 2015 World Best Halal Honeymoon 2015 to Lombok, and World Best Halal Hotel 2015 to Sofyan Hotel. On WHTA 2016 this time, Indonesia follows the 12 categories from 16 categories contested and to the 12 categories included in the second round (round final). In the preliminary round, the value of Indonesia strict odds with the sour state competitors, Malaysia.

    "Victory was planned," said Minister of Tourism, Arif Yahya. Arief Yahya convinced that with the support of all the people of Indonesia, we can swept every category that we follow. It is time for us to show the world that we are a great nation, modern, and pro digital.

    Further Arif Yahya, the Government of Indonesia invites all citizens of Indonesia to help support by choosing and voting through voteindonesia.com sites. All 12 categories that are followed and nominees that can be selected are:

    1.World's Best Airline for Halal Travellers - Garuda Indonesia
    2.World's Best Airport for Halal Travellers - Sultan Islandar Muda International Airport, Aceh, Indonesia
    3.World's Best Family Friendly Hotel - The Rhadana Hotel, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

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