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    Here's 8 Steps to Overcome Flood Bandung


    BANDUNG-To control flooding in the upstream area of Citarum River, Central River Region (BBWS) Citarum has prepared a number of strategies. Treatment of the flood is implemented so a number of areas such as subdistrict of  Baleendah, Bojongsoang and Rancaekek in Bandung regency no longer exposed the impact of Citarum river overflow.

    Head of the Central River Region (BBWS) Citarum, Mediawan Yudha, said there is a scheme created as a flood control Citarum River. In the scheme there are at least eight attempts that can be made to control floods.

    "Yes, there were eight flood control efforts in the scheme that we make in the time span from 2016 to 2020, "said Yudha when met in the 'Citarum Flood Mitigation Solution Seminar' at the Grand Royal Panghegar Hotel, Tuesday (15/11).

    Eight of these efforts are the construction of Sadawarna Dams, construction of Cieunteung Retention pond in Bandung regency, Cisangkuy floodway construction in Bandung Regency and the normalization of four tributaries in the Citarum river upstream.

    Next is normalization Cilember River and Cibeureum River, repair cliffs in the Citarum river downstream, make Tunnel Nanjung and OP rivers, dams, weirs, flood pumps.

    "Handling the flood required remain structural efforts committed to do not leave the integrated non-structural effort, "said Yudha in event organized by the Department of Water Resources Management (NRM) West Java, Indonesia Hydrological Society (MHI), and BBWS Citarum.

    Not only that, other flood management also relates political will, strong leadership and commitment of the leadership, and the integration of activities among stakeholders and the parties in the Bandung basin area through RAM-IP (Multi-Implementation Action Plan for Employment) coordinated by Governor. (Even)

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