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    Governor Does Campaign The Dangers of HIV / AIDS among Fishermen


    SUKABUMI-In commemoration of the World Day Against HIV / AIDS, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan does campaign the dangers of HIV / AIDS to fishermen in Palabuhanratu area, at the fish auction place (TPI) Palabuhanratu Kab.Sukabumi, Wednesday (16/11).

    On the occasion, representatives of Sukabumi regency fishermen read "Declaration Fishermen Care HIV / AIDS", which one of the rules is, "Would always healthy behavior, no smoking, no alcohol, no engaging sex outside of marriage and faithful to partner. "Then, "Constantly strive to create healthy families headed to productive and prosperous family".

    Meanwhile, in his speech Governor Ahmad Heryawan invites fishermen and all parties to continue to make efforts to prevent the spread of HIV / AIDS. "Make prevention efforts early and for those are already exposed to continue to improve their future with the spirit of improving morality spirituality ", said the Governor.

    According to the Governor, the data shows per December 31, 2015, as many as 4,154 people in West Java hit by HIV / AIDS, then, data for women profession as prostitute as many as 18,100 people with customers around 826 500 people, so the spread is very dangerous. ", he explained.

    Currently, the spread of HIV / AIDS can be through needles, sexual intercourse outside of marriage and that is the most widely ", added the Governor.

    Governor Ahmad Heryawan expressed his pride in the declaration og fishermen in prevention of HIV / AIDS, "AIDS is a threat to us all", concluded the Governor.

    International Day Against HIV / AIDS in Sukabumi regency, followed by hundreds of fishermen and Sukabumi regency society. From local government, present Vice Regent of Sukabumi and Forkominda members.

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