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    Commission I DPRD of West Java and Partners Held Football Match


    BANDUNG-Commission I DPRD of West Java with partners in the Commission I held a friendly game of football. The match took place in the Football Field Arcamanik, Bandung, Friday (20/11).

    Monitoring by Jabarprov.go.id said that the board chairman of OPD as a working partners of Commission I West Java DPRD and Civil Servant were enthusiastic joined on these Football game.

    Regard to the Football game activities, Chairman of Commission I DPRD, H. Syahrir in a statement to reporters on the sidelines of the match said that it more than 1 year that the Commission I DPRD has been working with OPD as a working partners.

    This match aimed as a gathering event to build a communication relationship. These activities will be carried out regularly each year if it considered as a good activity. The target ahead not only with OPD, but possible to the press.

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