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    Rotating Trophy of Military Commander III / Siliwangi is Competed by Student


    BANDUNG-A competition that compete for the Pangdam III / Siliwangi rotating trophy at the event titled Golden Globe XI (Marching Line Competition) inter-students of SMP / MTS and SMA / MA all over West Java and Banten held in the campus parking lot of UPI Setia Budi street, Bandung Sunday (13/11).

    This activity was conducted by Student Regiment Battalion XI UPI whereas in practice, dexterity marching contest is held only one day course and was officially opened by Menwa Battalion XI Coach of Indonesian Education University Dr. Cik Suabuana, M.Pd.

    In 2016 Golden Globe XI entitled "The Young Generation Hold High Nationalism, State Defense and Sportsmanship" so on the implementation is expected to promote honesty and sportsmanship with full entrusted implementation to the committee that has been appointed.

    Golden Globe was followed 52 Team consists of 32 Team of SMA / MA and 20 Team of SMP / MTS coming from a wide range area.

    Marching Line Stunt Competition can be used as the mental formation, to establish identity and build a corps spirit among fellow so will form a formidable team.

    so will form a formidable team.
    As the winner of the dexterity marching Golden Globe - XI 2016 contest in the category SMP / Mts is
    Champion: SMPN 1 Bojong Purwakarta
    1st: SMPN 1 Bojong Purwakarta
    2nd: SMP Bakti Nusantara Cileunyi
    3rd: SMPN 1 Lembang

    SMA / SMK Categories
    Champion: SMAN 1 Cipeundeuy Subang
    1st: SMAN 1 Cipeundeuy Subang
    2nd: SMAN 1 Wanayasa
    3rd: SMK 45 Lembang.

    Golden Globe event received the full support of all parties and attended by Pabandya Komsos Sterdam III / SLW Lt. Col. Drs. Harlansyah, Msi represent Aster Kasdam III / SLW as well as representatives from the Military Command III / SLW, besides him, it was attended by representatives of Secapa AD, Pusdikkum, Pusdikpal, Ajendam III / SLW, Rindam III / SLW and sector police of Cidadap. (Even)

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